Exams! 🤯🤯😭😭

At what time of the year are you most active, scared and tense? Most probably in your exams.

Right now I have my exams going on and in order to study 📖 I have to wake up till 11:00 🕚 in the night. It is very tiring.

However, I like them a lot as they teach me how to manage life’s stress. Also, they tell me where do I stand in academics.

Please write your opinion on exams in the comments below. 🙏😁

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  1. Well, you don’t need to sleep so late. You have your Maths exam next and it is not so tough actually. Also, I agree with you that it helps us to know where we stand. One solid reason, I like exams because you get to compare your marks with others. Which is a divine pleasure the god has given…

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