Calum Murphy

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Calum Murphy who gives me whatever I ask from him. I really appreciate his posts and his efforts. Although he is a son of a multi billionaire he is very very humble and down to earth. Also, he is very open to feed back and always improves […]

Mr. Frog

He went down the hill, Entered a bill He ran for his life, Went to his wife. When he Asked for food, He spoiled his wife’s mood. He ran up the hill, Sat on the window sill. He finally ate some food, And slept with a happy mood. This is the talk, of my little […]


O’ birds don’t fly, If you do so, a hunter may shoot you out of the sky. O’ trees stay out of our sight, If you don’t, we shall cut you with all our might. O’ animals stay hidden from us, If you don’t we will take you away on a bus. This is how […]


They are as deep as an ocean, As wise as a saint. God cannot be there for you everywhere, So to fulfil his place he made parents. We should try to take whatever we can take from them, We should always be thankful towards them for whatever they have done. They are not there forever, […]

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