Harry and Dammy

Once upon a time, there were two animals who were very good friends. One was a donkey and the other one was a horse. The name of the donkey was Harry and the name of the horse was Dammy.

One day, both of them had gone to a forest to play with each other. After playing both of them got very tired and wanted to eat some food. In order to fetch food, Harry had to go as Dammy was too tired. After searching food for a hour, Harry the donkey finally found some apples which had fallen on the ground.

Harry was taking the apples back to Dammy when he suddenly fell in a deep ditch. It had been a long time since Harry was gone in search of food. Finally, Dammy went in search of Harry. After walking for hours and hours he heard someone screaming,” help me! Somebody please help me!” Finally, he came across a ditch and discovered his friend stuck inside.

Dammy said,” how did you get stuck in here?” Harry responded,” I was bringing these apples for you and suddenly I fell in this ditch.” Dammy said in a hurry,” don’t you worry. There was a was a rope near the place I was standing I’ll just go and get it.”

Then Dammy was back in less than thirty minutes. After reaching he to Harry to put one end of the rope in his so that Dammy could pull him from the other end.

After putting a lot of effort both the friends were together once again and they both returned home happily.

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