The Brave Men

It was a cool summer morning in the cold valleys of the great Himalayan range. The Indian soldiers on the Himalayan border were drinking a cup of hot tea. Suddenly, there was a round of firing. The war had started.

All the soldiers were taking their positions and were getting ready for war. Then, they saw that it was a group of terrorists who were wanting to have a war with the Indian army. The terrorists were free firing here and there and they had already injured many Indian men.

All the Indian soldiers became active. Finally, they also started free firing. The Indians had immediately killed around 100 people however unfortunately, the terrorists were just coming out of nowhere and they were growing in number. It was getting very difficult for the Indians to keep up.

Behind the seen some very brave men were getting ready to bombard the territory of the terrorists. Each soldier was armed with fifteen bombs, one rifle and two pistols. Everyone of them also one bullet proof jacket for extra safety.

All the armed marched towards the border and crossed it. There were hundreds of terrorists. All the armed men them threw bombs in all directions, killing all the terrorists.

The Indians had won because of these special men and later these men were rewarded by the Indian government.

Published by Mannomay

A Music Lover

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